Saturday, 30 July 2016

August??? When the hell did that happen???

Now that we are nearly into August, I thought it time to a) post something here as I have been very lax, although not without cause. Between work and family, the last couple of months have been rather hectic, and b) figure out what I want to sort out hobby wise before the year ends.

Wargaming wise, well, there's a show a month now until November, with Claymore in Edinburgh next Saturday, Border Reivers in September, Derby in October and Battlegound in Stockton in November. Sadly, it looks like I shall miss 2nd Partizan in a few weeks but we shall see closer to the time. Hopefully, I will be able to advance slightly on the Panzer Group Qatar project I mentioned back in May. As this force currently consists of three unpainted AMX-30's, I perhaps should pull my finger out and sort out bases and get something ready for use on the table.

I do like the Claymore show, a good venue with decent facilities, better than average food and a very good selection of traders. It also helps that it's just a relatively short (under two hours) run up the road, so I may actually get a little bit of a lie in compared to the usual working waking hours!

Following that, there are the three modern scenarios to look at for the rule set comparison, also mentioned earlier in the year. Now I must admit a slight bias to CD, and Team Yankee seems "lightweight" so to speak, but in fairness, there will be an even playing field given the constraints, scale and time permitted for the rules. All I need to do after that is sort a date for the actual game.

As for computer/videogaming, that too has had a patchy time, with just a couple of games played (one finished, so a 50% completion rate isn't too bad). However, due to X-Box Live's Games with Gold scheme, I have six untouched titles waiting on the hard drive but I don't feel too bad about that as they were free. For the rest of the year, I can honestly say that there aren't too many titles that I am tempted to buy. The Skyrim re-release, definitely. The new Battlefield and CoD titles, possibly, depending on the reviews. Other than that, it looks quite quiet.

Outside of those two areas, there is the continuing open invitation to guest on Attention Please, the seemingly never ending supply of albums to review, the hope of some Saturday games with the TWATS and some blog posts. It's all down to spare time. Hell, even my reading pile has seen a distinct lack of action recently, as I am only just getting though the last of the titles bought at Triples (Fireforce by Chris Cocks - an excellent read).

So there we are, doesn't seem like much to fit in the next five months, but then I am sure we all know better than that...