Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September and gone...

So another month nearly over, and one that contained a tad more wargaming that usual, what with the Newcastle show and a meeting of the TWATS. It also has a fine ending in the Derby World Wargames show this weekend.

The Newcastle show was, to be honest, slightly disappointing. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the small regional show vibe, but it felt more like Battleground from last year, decently busy at the beginning but tailing off by midday. And, whilst I do try to support local shows by spending some cash, it was a pretty hard thing to do this time round. Still, a couple of decent books made their way home.

The TWATS gathering has been well covered here so I won't add much else, other than to say that I was having an off day, and only the good company, fine ale and delicious food saved it. But isn't that what club gaming should be about???

Derby promises to be a good show, one where I hope to get the two available expansions for Team Yankee. They should come in handy for the October TWATS meeting where the long mentioned three comparison between Command Decision, Cold War Commander and Team Yankee will be made. Nothing overly fancy but just enough to give the different rule sets a try.

Outside of this hobby, September had its fair share of treats, such as eventually getting to start "Stranger Things", an 80's set sci-fi horror show that hits the right nostalgic note (the credits and music are prime examples) as well as not dragging too much into the eight episode season. If you have Netflix, give it a try.

Book-wise, there have been a couple of goodies from Amazon. The fourth in the series of Cold War technical books from Chris Gibson (this was co-authored with Dave Forster), "Listening In". This follows the British elint effort from the 1940's onwards and is another cracking text. There is another in the series, "On Atlas' Shoulders", due out in October, detailing transport projects. That one is already on the wishlist. The second book is "British Aircraft Carriers" by David Hobbs. The sheer amount of detail and information held in this book is amazing and well worth a gander if you have any interest in the subject.

So, that's it for the moment, just a couple of reviews to complete for and a couple of weeks off towards the end of the month. May even get some painting done...