Saturday, 28 January 2017

Of Things To Come

So a new year has begun and I feel it's time to take stock as to what is to come this year. Naturally, this year will involve some wargaming, with the aim of a Saturday game once a month, shows permitting. We actually have one today where we should hopefully have a good turnout for the delayed TWATS Tiny Tactica Tournament.

Show wise, I am hoping to get to the usual suspects, York (Vapnartak), both Partizans, Edinburgh (Claymore), Falkirk, Derby and possibly Newcastle (Border Reiver). Transport depending, the Battleground show in November is also a possibility, but we shall see. Last year's shows were mostly pretty good, though I have doubts about the Newcastle show this year. And Battleground for that matter. Both are medium regional shows, and last year, Newcastle seemed to follow a trend of being quieter than the previous year. Also take into consideration that Battleground's organisers actually release customer numbers for their show and it has been taking a 10% drop year on year. I get the impression that both shows have uncertain footing. Part of me really hopes they continue, but with declining attendance, how can you keep a show going if fewer people are spending money with traders? And let us not forget, without the traders paying for stands, the economics of a show are very dicey(!) indeed. We shall see...

When time permits (and the mood takes me), there are a couple of decent TV shows that have new seasons this year. Firstly, Sense8, which had a two hour special released over Christmas to tide fans over before the full second season arrives in May. I have written about the show previously and I am really looking forward the the new one.

Another show that gets a second season release very shortly is The Expanse. Based on the novels by James S A Corey, the show is set a couple of hundred years in the future in a divided Solar System. There is political intrigue, action and more than a little drama. Sort of a cross tonally between the Battlestar Galactica re-boot and Babylon 5, the show has a pretty good handle on realism and my good lady and I got through the first season in pretty short order. It even prompted me to buy the first three books of the series and they don't disappoint.

Gaming wise, the slate is a little bare - there is Mass Effect Andromeda coming in March and that's about it. I still have a ton of games to get through so that's possibly no bad thing. I am not even overly bothered about the release of the Nintendo Switch. It's a tad pricey for the two games I would want to play before the end of the year and not even the thought of portable Skyrim is enough to tempt a purchase. I am hoping the price either comes down or there are pack-in bundles that give a bit more value for money.

So that appears to be that for now. I shall, of course be adding to the blog on a more regular basis than last year, and be adding a few show reports as and when they happen. Toodle pip for now.


  1. Your pints re NE shows are well made. I doubt that I'll do Battleground and now I'm no longer required as sponsor I'm not 100% sure about Border Reiver- not that I have dates for either so far.
    Once again NE shows were bottom of the economic league table with the next nearest show- Falkirk and Claymore each being 100% better than Border Reiver in terms of takings on the day and 200% better than my last Battleground.
    Now I've been told by more than one NE gamer that I "must" support these events as they are "local" as if by some magic I owe the NE for being allowed to live here!! Yet frequently they feel no need to reciprocate. I do as much business wit the towns of Tampere and Artvari in Finland as I do with the NE and almost as much with Poland. So forgive me if I take a broader view tn the land twixt Tweed and Tees.

  2. I think with all shows, it comes down to three questions and a good piece of advice:
    1. What do the organisers want? Traders to pay the fees, punters to pay at the door.
    2. What do the traders want? Punters to buy kit and organisers to make that as hassle free as possible.
    3. What do the punters want? A piece of good advice: Never ask a question you don't want to know the answer to!